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Beautiful Sunday: The Best of Chinese Orchestra Tunes 华乐集锦
by Hsinghai Art Association Chinese Orchestra

Sit back and enjoy the performances of up-and-coming young musicians from the Hsinghai Art Association Chinese Orchestra. Let these talented musicians take you through an afternoon of solos performances  including your favourite erhu, yangqin, guzheng, dizi and zhongruan pieces 

Date: 17th December 2006 (Sun) from 1730
Venue: Young Musician's Society Auditorium 
Admission: S$6.00

Past Concerts


Date Concert Location
Jan 8th   New Beginnings
 Zhongruan Solo (Xiang Jiang Zhi Ge)
 Hsinghai Chinese Orchestra
 Young Musicians' Society (Singapore)
Aug 6th  Legends
 Hsinghai Chinese Orchestra
 Singapore Conference Hall
Nov 11th  Zhang Li Man Solo Concert
 Hsinghai Chinese Orchestra
 Victoria Concert Hall (Singapore)



Date Concert Location
Mar 21st   A Zhong Ruan and Piano Concert  Taihaku Cultural Center Exhibition Hall
Jul 24th  Beautiful Sunday
 Hsinghai Chinese Orchestra
 Esplanade (Singapore)
Aug 21st  Euphony of an Epoch
 Hsinghai Chinese Orchestra
 Singapore Conference Hall



Date Concert Location
Mar 28th   Zhong Ruan and Piano Ensemble Guest   Performance at Okarina Concert  Sendai Student Center
Jun 18th        Zhong Ruan Guest Performance  Kanagase Elementary School
Jul 2nd    Zhong Ruan Guest Performance  Sendai Shiritsu Sumiyoshidai   Elementary School
Jul 4th   "A Sound Sketchbook"  A Violin and Zhong Ruan  Concert  Wakabayashi
Sep 3rd    Zhong Ruan and Piano Ensemble Concert  Tsudoi No Ie Cafe Porano
Sep 29th  Zhong Ruan Guest Performance  Takashimizu Junior High School
Oct 16th     Zhong Ruan and Piano Ensemble Concert   Sendai Higashi Senior High School
Oct 23rd    Moonlight Festival ~ a Zhongruan and Piano Ensemble Concert  Hasama History Musuem
Nov 9th     Zhong Ruan and Piano Ensemble Concert  Yurigaoka Elementary School






 Jan 30th    Zhong Ruan Guest Performance  Tagajyo Hachiman Elementary School
 Feb 17th      Zhong Ruan Guest Performance  Tagajyo Hachiman Elementary School
 Feb 18th   Zhong Ruan Guest Performance  Fukurohara Elementary School
 May 24th     Zhong Ruan Solo Recital  Ryokusuian  (Ryokakuin)
 Jun 28th   Zhong Ruan Solo Recital  Ryokusuian  (Ryokakuin)
 Jul 5th   "Junior Club" International Workshop for Elementary students  Sendai International Center 
 Jul 13th       Zhong Ruan and Piano Ensemble  Sendai Chosei En (Old Folk's Home)
 Jul 15th    Zhong Ruan Guest Performance  Sendai International Center Festival
 Sep 26th  Zhong Ruan Guest Performance  Shiro Hagi Hotel
 Oct 5th    Sendai International Center Chinese Movie          Festival  Sendai Mediatheque
 Oct 24th      Zhong Ruan Concert  Sendai Higashi Senior High School
 Nov  2nd   Zhong Ruan and Piano ensemble  Beep Sendai
 Nov 15th     Zhong Ruan and Piano ensemble  Hotel Metropolitan Sendai



Date Concert Location
 Feb 11th    Zhong Ruan Guest Performance at  Guitar Concert  Sendai Student Center
 Feb 16th        Zhong Ruan Guest Performance at Graduation Ceremony   Sendai Student Center
 May 31st   Zhong Ruan Solo Recital  Mosaic Fish Cafe
 Oct 20th    Zhong Ruan Guest Performance Tohoku University International Festival
 Oct 26th       Zhong Ruan Guest Performance  Activities Exchange Workshop for International Students 2002
 Nov 23rd   Zhong Ruan Guest Performance at Guitar Concert Tomizawa Shimin Center
 Nov 24th      Zhong Ruan Solo Recital  Miyagi Mesei (Sendai Port)
 Nov 28th  Zhong Ruan Guest Performance Tagajyo Hachiman Elementary School
 Dec 14th    Zhong Ruan Guest Performance at Piano Concert Wakabayashi Bunka Center



Date Concert Location
 Dec 2nd   Zhong Ruan Guest Performance Nakatamachiritsu Sakurajo Elementary School 



Date Concert Location
 Nov  Bukit Batok Community Center Chinese Orchestra Concert   Singapore

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