After a meeting about an upcoming concert at the Sendai International Center, I was inspired to put a note at the notice board to find people who might share the same interest in Chinese Traditional music or Zhong Ruan. It was then that I met a friend, who plays the piano for leisure. Talks bore fruit to an ensemble and we started practicing over the next few months.

Back in Singapore, I had many opportunities to join ensembles but mostly with other Chinese instruments. This is the first time that I have the chance to do an  ensemble with a Western instrument. 

We had many worries in the beginning, starting from the quality of the sound to whether the sound of the piano would drown the Zhong Ruan. Surprisingly, the mellow voice of the Zhong Ruan blends in perfectly with the crystal clear sound of the piano, bringing the pieces of the Zhong Ruan to a new frontier.

Without saying, ensemble pieces for Zhong Ruan and Piano are rare and hard to come by. Even on the internet, we could only find one piece, Zhong Ruan Rock. Most of the time, we have to source for other ensemble pieces and arrange the pieces by ourselves. So we were really glad when my teacher presented me with a new set of scores.

It has been three years since we started our ensemble. We hope that through these performances, we can explore the borders of Zhong Ruan and Piano more fully.



Auf Flugeln des Gesanges
Himawari (Sunflower)
Tsubame Ni Naritai (I wish to be a sparrow)
Xiang Jiang Zhi Ge (The Song of Xiang Jiang)
Yu Hou Ting Yuan (The Garden after Rain)
Zhong Ruan Rock


Japanese Songs

Animation Theme Songs
Itsudemo Nando Demo (Always, from movie "Spirited Away")
Mononoke Hime (Princess Mononoke, from movie "Princess Mononoke")

Japanese Folk Songs
Taiga no Itteki (A Drop in the River, from movie "Taiga no Itteki ") 
Kawa no Nagare no  Youni (Like the river)
Kojyo No Tsuki (The moon over the lonely castle) 
Nagori Yuki (Traces of  Snow)
Nanatsu no Ko (The 7th Child)
Sato no Aki (Autumn in the hometown)



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